Back to Her Roots: LMU Student Travels to Israel

Hillel International has republished a Loyolan piece by LMU sophomore Caroline Burt, who traveled to Israel to understand her roots.

caroline burt - Back to Her Roots: LMU Student Travels to IsraelThe piece was originally published in the Los Angeles Loyolan, for which Burt is an assistant photo editor.

Burt is of Jewish heritage and grew up in a spiritual family, but writes that she never went to synagogue or Hebrew school and never had a bat mitzvah. Now at a Catholic university, the communications major was accepted into a program with University of Arizona’s Hillel, and took the trip to Israel to learn about her Jewish heritage.

“Go back to your roots,” wrote Burt, who is from Santa Barbara. “No matter your religion, race or ethnicity, go back to that place where your ancestors started the long journey that eventually resulted in you.”

To read read the full piece, visit Hillel International.