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Loyola Marymount University is home to a growing number of international students and scholars from around the world, and our international community brings experiences and interests as diverse as the countries from where they come.

The Office for International Students and Scholars is proud to provide programs and services that support the social, educational and professional success of nearly 1,000 international and exchange students, scholars and faculty from more than 85 countries.

We invite you to explore these profiles and more to follow to learn about the students who are International at LMU.

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Abdullah Alrashdan ’16

B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering, First-Year M.S.E. Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Abdullah came to Loyola Marymount University as a transfer student from another school in Southern California. At LMU, he found support among the faculty of the Seaver School of Science and Engineering who helped him adjust to his new environment. Together, Abdullah and his professors worked to enrich his studies outside of the classroom with research and hands-on opportunities. His positive experience as an undergraduate student inspired him to stay at LMU to pursue his master’s degree.

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Anna Mariel Lozano Roda ’16

MBA in Finance and Marketing

Hometown: Manila, The Philippines

Mariel obtained her bachelor degree at Ateneo de Manila University, a major Jesuit university in the Philippines. Even though she had a good job in a city bank back home, she aspired to do more. Mariel dreamed of pursuing her MBA in Los Angeles – a big move that she feared was risky. But deep inside, Mariel knew she had to try. In 2016, she graduated LMU’s MBA program with a job waiting for her at American Honda Finance Corporation.

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marcus alburez myers lmu 620x310 - International at LMU

Marcus Alburez Myers, junior

Major: Finance, Philosophy minor

Hometown: Antigua, Guatemala

Marcus is taking full advantage of opportunities that put the Jesuit values of education of the whole person and the promotion of Justice into practice. He was a member of three ASLMU committees and is the vice president of the rugby team. Marcus also led an Alternative Break trip to his home country of Guatemala. An exemplary global citizen, he lived in LMU’s International House of People and developed a health care project as part of the Clinton Global Initiative University.

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maya ben yair lmu 620x310 - International at LMU

Maya Ben Yair, senior

Major: Film production & screenwriting, Jewish Studies minor

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel

From a young age, Maya’s biggest dream was to become a filmmaker. Immediately after high school, she joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and spent the two years of her mandatory service in the Spokesperson’s Film Unit. After spending two additional years working in marketing for an Israeli Hi-Tech company, Maya decided it was time to pay tribute to her childhood dreams. Being selected for LMU’s unique Student Worker Programs made it possible for her to work for her tuition.

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