90 Years of Service: The Crimson Circle

This year, LMU’s oldest service organization on campus, the Crimson Circle, is celebrating its 90th year. As the original service organization on campus, Crimson Circle has been an integral part of the Lion community, read what their President Raleigh Burk ‘20, a management and screenwriting double major, thinks about their legacy and hopes for the future.

“You cannot tell the story of LMU without talking about Crimson Circle,” said Burk.

MG 9815 - 90 Years of Service: The Crimson Circle

“We were created to help LMU, and we have assisted the university in all the changes they have gone through over the last 90 years while helping maintain both the university’s and our own main identity,” said Burk. “Crimson Circle has seen many changes around them on campus over the last nine decades, but they are still living by the principles that they lived by all that time ago.”

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Raleigh Burk ‘20, president of Crimson Circle

Burk takes pride in being in Crimson Circle and believes that being a member of the organization means, “being with and for others as well as reflecting the mission statement of LMU.” Crimson is continually working to better both the campus and the community that surrounds the university. Crimson Circle helps out different events on campus throughout the year, like working mass, their recent blood drive and Burk’s favorite, coaching the Special Games. Members are also heavily involved in the Los Angeles community by volunteering at Skid Row and tutoring kids in the city, among many other service trips.

Service is an extremely important part of being in Crimson Circle. For Burk, it is just one piece of the puzzle, “We value diversity and leadership and individuals who excel not only inside the classroom but outside as well,” said Burk. “We look for individuals who are involved in other organizations and have a big impact on campus. I would hope people would say that we have the highest integrity, that our intentions are very genuine, and that we are individuals with and for others.” Burk is proud of how involved the 35 members of Crimson Circle are in other organizations on campus and sees them as some of the best leaders the university has to offer.

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With 90 years now in the rearview mirror, Burk is excited for what the future holds for Crimson Circle, “Moving forward into the new year, our new e-board needs to know our values and the type of people we want in Crimson Circle. We need to keep being Loyola men and keep finding guys to pass on our tradition.” Here’s to another 90 years, Crimson Circle!

By: Nik Feldhaus