90 Years of Service: The Crimson Circle

MG 9789 - 90 Years of Service: The Crimson Circle

This year, LMU’s oldest service organization on campus, the Crimson Circle, is celebrating its 90th year. As the original service organization on campus, Crimson Circle has been an integral part of the Lion community, read what their President Raleigh Burk …

A Mission of Mental Health

MG 1919 - A Mission of Mental Health

From October 7 through October 9, Agape Service Organization, the newest service organization on LMU’s campus, held its second annual Mental Health Marathon. Raven Yamamoto ‘21, a junior journalism major and political science minor, Agape’s current president, shared the …

Finding Purpose on a Migrant Trail in Arizona

LMU Students at Arizona Border

Leading an Alternative Break trip to Tuscon, AZ, was more than an educational opportunity for Karolina Reyes ’19. The experience helped her become more informed on current immigration policies and reflect on her parent’s immigration experiences.

Karolina Reyes ’19

Curiosity and Compassion Can Change the World

This past fall, when TEDx, an independently organized TED event, returned to the Loyola Marymount University campus to create conversations, many thought leaders from both on and off the bluff made impacts by sharing motivational stories and personal messages. …

What Oxfam Taught Taylor Brewer About Advocacy

lmu exp blog taylor brewer - What Oxfam Taught Taylor Brewer About Advocacy

Taylor Brewer has dedicated herself to advocacy and giving back to her community. As part of the Oxfam Club at Loyola Marymount University, she found a community dedicated to social change.